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How To Get Better Password On Cisco Router Or Swap

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The moderately easy way involves you hooking up your computer through the Ethernet cords to the home wireless router. You should use the computer that set it up with if you have forgot the basic router password also. Most people never really change the basic password since the wireless key acts as a password also. That means you should look at your manual if you don’t know what to enter when you log onto the wireless router configure through the Ethernet cord.

To connect your PC directly to the router or switch you’re configuring, you’ll need a rollover cable, also referred to as a rolled cable. This cable has an Rj-45 connector on one end and DB-9 connector on the other.

At this point, you will want to power up your modem. The modem should always be powered up first. Allow a few moments for the Internet connection to synchronize with the modem.

Once you are aware basic fundamentals of wireless router setup you can setup any wireless networking device you like. The key points mentioned in this post are identical for all wifi devices.

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Log into router, and use WPA2, WPA, or WEP in that order. Should you trouble yourself with WEP? Well, if it’s all you have — yes. It’s better than nothing and may prevent those who would intrude but don’t have major skills in hacking into encrypted system.